Saving family pooches abandoned on rural roads in Northeast Georgia.  
From ditches to riches; our rescues are dreaming of when their forever family finds them...
taking the long way home
About Us
 We are a small canine rescue group located in Northeast Georgia that works tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate, fully vet, and rehome faithful dogs that have been tossed out of cars onto rural roads.  We are a registered, 501c3 tax deductible Non Profit Rescue and we are licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.   

All dogs in our program have been previously reported to animal control to ensure they were not lost pups that had a family diligently looking for them.  We do not turn a dog away due to breed, health concerns, or age.  It is our goal to keep these dogs out of animal shelters, thus saving their lives and providing more time to the dogs already in shelters to find their forever family.   
Our Dogs
All of our dogs are fully vetted, parasite free, and altered (spay/neuter) prior to adoption, no exceptions.  Most dogs are microchipped. Puppies must wait until 16 weeks of age, the earliest  DRDR will alter, to be adopted as this rule applies to them as well.  Completed vetting paperwork is presented at the time of adoption.
Dirt Road Doggies are fostered by compassionate families.  With intricate knowledge of our dogs' personalities, we work very hard to make each adoption a forever family by matching the adoptive family's needs with the dogs.  We want each adoption to be successful.  To gain a family only to lose it all over again is an experience we want our dogs to avoid.  We reserve the right to make the final decision on approving each adoption.  
One call to any veterinarian and you will discover just how expensive it is to fully vet and alter a dog.  Add in possible health ailments and you will begin to wonder just how rescues do it all! Here at Dirt Road Doggies Rescue, each adoption contribution is $250 per dog.  We do not adjust this rate based on the "popularity" of a dog.  We believe every dog is worthy of an owner that sees the value in them.  Each adoption contibution is used to cover the expenses incurred for that dog and other dogs in our program.   We do not offer package deals (such as a 2 for 1) or discounts.  
Oglethorpe Hoarding Update
While hoarding may or may not be the correct term according to who you ask, it was unlike anything we had ever seen. There were 40+ dogs on property with most female dogs either with puppies or already pregnant. You see the individual thought she was saving strays, but in reality, created a larger problem because she could not afford to spay or neuter the dogs she brought home. Several pregnant mama dogs were taken in by various rescues in the Northeast & Florida as well as DRDR. Marianne (now Keileigh Rose), who was taken in by Paw Paws rescue in Florida went viral on social media. A link to her story is below.
  1. Volunteer
    Foster: We are actively searching for loving foster families who are willing to foster a Dirt Road Doggie. Please visit our FAQ page for more info on how to foster/volunteer Services: Are you a dog trainer, a photographer, a good person willing to spend time with a sweet dog who needs to learn some manners or tricks? We may be able to use your help!
  2. Donations
    ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE Antlers make great chews, keeping teeth clean. Our dogs would appreciate any you could share. We love chewies, for safety we avoid rawhide and real bones Food: To purchase a bag for our rescue, contact our Treasurer [email protected] Goods: Got something gentley used, we may be able to put it to use! Want to help our vetting bills? We can provide you with their contact. Monetary Donations: Scroll Down for more info on how to GIVE
  3. The Road Home
    Adoption is a four part process. Application: You will be required to submit general information along with personal and vet references. Home visit: Potential adopters will receive a home visit by one of our members. Meet -n- Greet All family members (fur babies included) must meet the foster parent and pup they wish to adopt. Adoption Finalization!

 Thank YOu

Thank you to Tracey, owner of Heart Spot Pet and Family Portraits in Braselton, for sharing her time, talent, and studio to capture such loveable pictures of 4 our our sweet rescues, Jack, Sonny, Murphy, and Abby!    
DRDR would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey for their generous donations of GINORMOUS SUPER FANCY dog houses and chain link fencing!  These gifts will be used to expand our secure play areas for our sweet Dirt Road Doggies!  We would also like to thank our kind volunteers for assisting in moving these items.    
Tess is an amazing young lady who decided to ask for gifts for dogs in need for her birthday presents.  She donated these to DRDR.  It touches our hearts to see our precious rescues who were once thrown away like trash, now so important that they have an amazing girl giving up her special day of gift getting, just to bring them some comfort and pay it forward.  We are so grateful to Tess and her generosity!  BRAVO Tess, you are one special person!   
Community Events

2019 Upcoming Events:

​- February Adoption Day, Petco, Dacula - Feb. 2nd (11-3)
​- March Adoption Day, Petco, Dacula - March 2nd (11-3)
​-April Adoption Day, Petco, Dacula, April 6th (11-3)
​-April 20th Race4Rescues 5K, Suwanee Town Center (8:30-12:30)
​-May 4&5 Woofstock, Suwanee Town Center
​-June Adoption Day, Petco, Dacula - June 1st (11-3)
-July Adoption Day, Petco, Dacula - July 6th (11-3)
-August Adoption Day, Petco, Dacula - August 3rd (11-3)
 -September 7th Adoption Day, Petco, Dacula (11-3)
-October Adoption Day, Petco, Dacula, Oct 5th (11-3)
-November Adoption Day, Petco, Dacula, Nov 2nd (11-3)
-December Adoption Day, Petco, Dacula, Dec 7th (11-13)

Hope to see you at our next event soon!  

If you think DRDR may be interested in attending an event that you are organizing, please contact our Corporate Sponsor Manager, Mike.
[email protected]
December 11, 2017
Part two of our Elbert County neglect case: Trixie.
Trixie's story….I've never really had a name. I never even had a home. Unless you count the trailer park that I was born into. My mother lived here for years...hungry, cold & birth to litter after litter. Watching helplessly as her children died. Eventually, my mother & litter mates were gone. They left me all alone in this cold, cruel world. 

But, I'm a survivor. I scavenged for food the way my mother taught me. Some humans took pity & fed me scraps. The nice lady that lives beside the trailer park, I've heard her called Valerie, even fed me real dog food. But, I learned from a young pup that some humans can be very cruel & I've never come close enough to feel the gentle caress of a loving hand. 

Last winter I gave birth to my first litter of puppies, under an old trailer, where the warmth from above took the edge off of the terrible cold outside. I did the best I could to care for my sweet babies. But, the weather was unforgiving. I was malnourished & I couldn't keep them all alive by myself. My heart was broken as I begged for my dying babies to stay alive. But, all of the kisses in the world couldn't bring their little spirits back into their lifeless bodies.
By some miracle, three sons survived. They grew so tall but they were thin & their hair started falling out. I knew it was only a matter of time before I lay weeping beside their cold, still bodies. Even their daddy, Tyson, was withering away on his short chain...unable to come with me on my hunts for food. Malnourished & full of parasites, his heartless captors only cared that he was there to make them feel more secure.

One fateful day some kind humans came. They were very nice to me & my boys. They gave us delicious little cookies. I stayed at a distance as they tossed treats my way. I watched as they played with my pups & scratched their itchy skin. One by one, they gathered my boys & put them in their cars. I watched them take Tyson off of his chain & gently place him in a car. The humans tried for a long time to catch me. They begged me to come to them but I couldn't trust them. Eventually, they left, taking everyone I cared about with them. 

As time passed, the humans would come back & try to catch me. They even brought one of my sons to lure me to them. I was glad to see him happy & healthy but I couldn't go with him. Nothing the humans did would convince me to come close enough. Nothing they tried could catch me because I was smarter than them. And, I eluded them. Every. Single. Time. 

Valerie made sure I got food. And, I began spending time with a big, handsome red dog who made me feel safe. Before long, I began to feel the old familiar feeling as puppies began to grow restless in my belly. I made a nest under the same trailer. Seeking the warmest & safest spot for my puppies to be born. I gave birth one cold morning in December, with the sad knowledge that most of my babies wouldn't live through the Winter. It would take a miracle to have any survive until Spring.

But, then..that night, those pesky humans were back. I was exhausted from giving birth to ten puppies. I was cold & hungry. The nice lady, Valerie, crawled to me with some strange box. I made the decision to run, hoping she would follow. I ran straight for my main exit & was startled to find myself in a trap. The humans worked quickly & quietly to put me in a car. Suddenly, my babies were there, in the strange box, but safe. I was so confused but the warmth felt nice. I was too tired to fight so I watched my babies with tired eyes as I dozed fitfully.
Today, I am in a nice warm bed with my babies. I still don't trust humans but these seem to understand. They bring me water & delicious meals so that I don't have to leave my babies for long. I'm still wary of these four walls but the humans visit often, speaking quietly with nice tones. Perhaps, they're not so bad after all. 

You can read Tyson's story on our Adopt Me page. 

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