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We’d like to welcome Milo & Benjamin to the DRDR pack! Unfortunately, these two handsome fellas find themselves in need of new homes as their mom & dad are being deployed and cannot take them. Leaving their pups behind is breaking their hearts as you can imagine. Our wish is for them to go to the same home but realize it might not be possible, but if you have been looking to adopt two already trained pups, here is your chance to be their hero and provide a forever home.  

Benjamin is a Carolina Dog. 5-6 years old, weighs approximately 35lbs. Neutered and up to date on all shots. Loves antlers and soft beds.  House and crate trained. Gets along with dogs and cats. Very affectionate, eager to learn and please. Very affectionate, eager to learn and please. Learn new things quickly with firm, consistent commands. Knows sit, down, stay. To be considered to adopt Benjamin, submit an application at

Smart boy!


Sensitive boy.

Meet Boudreaux the Dachshund! Handsome Boudreaux weighs 16lbs, is approximately 3 years old, neutered, microchipped, utd on shots, HW negative - everything a family could ask for! 😎👍He has been with DRDR a few shorts weeks and his foster parents say he is a sweetheart. He gets along great with their two dogs and has really taken to their blind and deaf miniature Aussie. 🐕🐾Boudreaux is working on his potty skills but should master them very soon. If interested in adopting Mr. Boudreaux, go to adopt me page.


Loves belly rubs!

Candy is aptly named & her foster nom can’t say her name without ending it in “kisses” or “cane”. She’s such a little lover! When you first meet her, she’s a bit distrustful, especially of men. Whatever happened in her past must have been a nightmare that she can’t seem to forget. Once you gain her trust, she just wants to be near you, rolling over on her back for belly rubs, snuggling in as close as her muscular, compact little body can get to you. She looks into your eyes with such adoration & love…she just wants to please her family. She loves playing with other dogs, especially her brother, Brock! And, while she usually ignores the cats, she doesn’t seem to care for certain ones. So, she probably shouldn’t have cat siblings. She’s so good in her crate. She is quiet & when it’s time to come out, she stretches slowly & takes her time. When it’s time to go kennel, she will go in willingly with a treat or when her food bowl has been filled. Sometimes she requires kisses & a massage! She has a heart of gold & boundless love to give. She just needs the right person to come along and show her that we’re not all bad. A special person with a love that will hold her in their heart forever. You won’t be disappointed!

Candy was found abandoned during Hurricane Irma who is unfortunately heartworm positive. She will ready for adoption in early December once she finishes her treatment. Candy weighs around 40lbs, is spayed, utd on vaccinations, and is microchipped. She is a beautiful brindle color and we believe she may have some Rhodesian Ridgeback in her like her brother Brock. Adoption applications can be submitted at


Happy boy!

Meet Chewy, a 4-year-old Shepard mix who unfortunately lived the majority of his life outside on a chain. He was surrendered to DRDR with his sister, Molly, when the bitter cold winter weather was bearing down on Georgia. Both dogs are heartworm positive, but have started their treatment, and should be available for adoption around mid-April. When you meet Chewy, you can’t help but love him. He seems to be smiling all the time and is overjoyed to be part of a family – even if it’s a temporary foster family. He can be scared at first but quickly warms up to everyone he meets. Chewy is up-to-date on vaccinations, nuetered, and microchipped. If you think Chewy will be a great addition to your family, please submit an application at


Mellow Man

Cole acts and appears to be a pure-bred Treeing Walker Coonhound. He has been an absolute joy to have around the house with his loving and laid back nature. He gets along great with other dogs and family members. He has not been tested off leash with cats, but he knows when the cat has been nearby and looks for him. Be advised he has been trained to hunt and will become very intense when he gets on a scent and will want to follow it. For this reason, Cole, will be best suited for a family with a large backyard and a tall fence and does not plan to leave Cole unattended for long periods of time. Cole would be fine being the only dog in a family as he loves attention and the comforts of being indoors. He also loves to hang out and play with his foster pack. Cole is approximately 3 years old, altered, crate trained, micro-chipped, approximately 70 lbs. and up to date on all shots. For information on our adoption process, check out our FAQ page or adoption page to fill out an application. Don’t forget to mention Cole!


Curious pup!

Pebbles puppies were rescued with their mom from a hoarding case with 50+ dogs on one property. The owner loved the dogs & did her best to care for them, but could not afford to spay or neuter many of them.  Needless to say, there were a lot of pregnant momma dogs as well as moms with young puppies - one of which was Pebbles & her three pups: Daniel, Rupert, & Emma. Affectionately known as the Harry Potter puppies!
The puppies were born on a cold day near the end of February. Our DRDR hearts were broken when we arrived on site and saw the conditions in which the dogs were living. When one of our volunteers saw Daniel, Rupert, and Emma, she decided then and there they would not spend another day shivering in a make shift pen on a wet towel. They went home with her that same day and have grown to be healthy, happy and know love. 
Daniel was named after the actor, Daniel Radcliff – yes, Harry Potter himself! When their foster mom to be saw them, she immediately thought of the courageous trio from the Harry Potter movies. Daniel has had all age appropriate shots and will be neutered & microchipped prior to final adoption. He is 6 months old, weighs 40lbs, and is the largest of the three. Our best guess as to breed is Sharpei & Mountain Cur mix. With Daniel’s laid back, happy go lucky personality, he’s going to be a gentle giant. He has a blast playing with his foster siblings and especially exploring the back yard with Zara who is constantly teaching him new things. One of his most endearing traits is his singing: he sings when he’s hungry, when he needs to go potty or when he wants to be cuddled. He is doing well with his crate and house training…only a few accidents lately. He’s a handsome and curious boy who loves to investigate new things. Daniel loves interacting with his humans too. We call him wiggle butt when he gets excited!
If you are interested in adopting Daniel, please go to Adopt Me page and scroll to the bottom.

Ginger's puppies

Cuteness overload!!

Meet Ginger’s puppies! These adorable pups were born on April 13th and are ready to find their forever homes. Their mom, Ginger, was taken in from a local hoarding case just in time for the babies to be born into a loving DRDR foster home. They are healthy and have been well cared for. Of the original 8, we have 6 little ones left (3 males and 3 females). They’ve had all age appropriate vaccinations and are microchipped. Each will be spayed/neutered as well. Their foster parents are currently working on crate training. We believe they are tan and white Border Collie/Lab mixes. To adopt one (or Two!), go to


Dance with me!

Hello there! I am a strong, 67 pound, fun-loving, 4 year old American Bulldog who loves car rides, leash walking and pleasing my human! I like to dance for my food and give really big kisses! I love couches and belly scratches and I even like bath time! I don't like to be left alone in the yard, by myself, because I miss my humans so much, I'll do anything to be with them. I'm really great at digging... by the way! I do enjoy being in my cozy crate when my humans have to leave. My foster mommy says I can't be around cats, rabbits, or farm animals. And, small dogs remind me of the aforementioned so I probably shouldn't have a little dog as a sibling.. especially of the bossy variety. But, I do like dogs that are more my size... especially if they love to wrestle like I do!
I really just want a family of my own so I can give hugs and kisses and make them happy! It makes me happy when my humans are happy! And, my smiles are contagious! You definitely need to meet me.. I'm a really cool guy!
I'm neutered,  up-to-date on my vaccinations & heartworm negative. I'm crate trained and even house trained! 
To submit an adoption application, go to and mention me!


Little Miss

Jada is a fun loving little 1 year old Staffie pup approximately 31 lbs and we believe she may max out to 35-40 lbs. She is up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped. She loves to play with her ball and is learning when she returns it, it will be thrown again for her to catch! Her foster mom & dad are working on skills & manners, such as walking on a leash and sitting, but it won’t be too long before she is a dignified young lady. Jada is crate trained and working on her potty skills. Her foster home has four dogs and lots of cats and for fun she occasionally takes the cats for a short run. She doesn’t like her kitties to be lazy!  We think Jada will excel with a family that has an active lifestyle since she is a very high-energy dog. A large fenced yard is suggested since there will be lots of daily fetching and playing. Jada would make a great companion for someone who likes to walk, hike, or run as she loves the freedom of being outside but also likes to hang inside with her humans watching a little tellie. Adoption applications can be submitted online at Just mention you’re interested in Little Miss Jada! 

Lilly Ann

Loyal lady!

Meet Lilly Ann!! This gorgeous girl and her puppies were left behind when their owners moved house. After the family left, Lilly Ann went in search for food and luckily found a DRDR foster who willingly took her in after he searched and found her puppies. The puppies have gone to a rescue up north where they will soon find their forever homes, but Lilly Ann stayed with DRDR because really who can resist her cute self!?! She is 58lb 1-2 year old lab mix, up to date on vaccinations and has been spayed and microchipped. Lilly Ann gets along with other dogs: large and small, cats and kids. Her best friend, Dezi, was recently adopted so Lilly is a little sad and ready to find her forever home! She has really taken to life indoors and is quickly understanding she needs to go potty outside. In addition, she is doing great with her crate training. Lilly is a sweetheart who deserves a family who will love her until the end of her days. Could that be you?


Love Ice Cubes!

We’d like to welcome Milo & Benjamin to the DRDR pack! Unfortunately, these two handsome fellas find themselves in need of new homes as their mom & dad are being deployed and cannot take them. Leaving their pups behind is breaking their hearts as you can imagine. Our wish is for them to go to the same home but realize it might not be possible, but if you have been looking to adopt two already trained pups, here is your chance to be their hero and provide a forever home.
Milo was born 2/14/2012 (6 years old). Male - American Eskimo (Spitz). Weighs about 35lbs. He is neutered & up to date on all shots. House & crate trained.  Loves toys with squeakers and ice cubes. **Nips playfully at noses when really excited. Gets along with dogs and cats. Very affectionate, eager to learn and please. Learn new things quickly with firm, consistent commands. Knows sit, down, stay. To be considered to adopt Milo, submit an application at


Loves Cuddles!

Hi! I'm Pebbles. I'm a young mom (approx 2 years old), who loves my children dearly! But, once they leave the nest, I'm done with motherhood! Whew!
You see, I've never been the center of attention. I was born into a very busy place & although I was loved, they couldn't spend time with me alone. I have always craved human affection so much that I just want to crawl into your lap, give you kisses & flop over for a belly rub. 

I know I'm covered in scars. Even my tongue is damaged. But, my foster mom says I'm beautiful & loves me so much! I'm not interested in making any trouble. When another dog in the household approached me, I just flopped over on my side to let her know I mean no harm. I'm a survivor & just long to be cherished.

Do you have room in your heart for a girl with a rough & tough exterior, but a heart of gold on the inside? If you let me sleep with you, I promise to let you have half the bed…most nights.

Pebbles & her puppies were rescued from a hoarding case with 50+ dogs on one property. The owner did her best in caring for the dogs but was not financially able to spay/neuter and ultimately got overwhelmed. Needless to say, there were many pregnant momma dogs as well as moms with young puppies one of which is Pebbles & her three pups: Daniel, Rupert, and Emma.

Pebbles is ready to find her forever family...could it be you? She deserves the best life has to offer. 


Adorable little ginger!

Pebbles puppies were rescued with their mom from a hoarding case with 50+ dogs on one property. The owner did her best in caring for the dogs but was not financially able to spay/neuter and ultimately got overwhelmed. Needless to say, there were many pregnant momma dogs as well as moms with young puppies one of which is Pebbles & her three pups: Daniel, Rupert, and Emma.

 The puppies were born around the end of February, have had their first puppy shots, and have been wormed:

Hi! I'm Rupert, named after Rupert Grint, from Harry Potter. I have the most glorious ginger coat & hazel eyes. I know I look sad, but that's just my Sharpei heritage. I'm actually a pretty content little guy. I spend my days nursing, playing with my sister & brother & sleeping. I love when the humans hold me because they kiss me a lot & make the best snuggle buddies. I just can't wait for all the cuddles that I'm going to have one day! When my perfect human comes along!
If you would like to adopt Rupert or one of her adorable puppies, go to adopt me page, scroll to the bottom for the online application.


Social Gentleman

Ralph is a friendly 7 year old Chocolate Lab Mix, approximately 45 lbs,  who was dumped on a dirt road.  Ralph loves chickens and is not afraid to take down a snake to protect his feathered friends.  If you are looking for a buddy to hit the road with, Ralph is your man!  You don't have to ask him twice to get in the truck, just open the door and he knows what to do! This good dog loves all friendly dogs and is just looking to relax and enjoy the day.  He loves to make friends and doesn't know a stranger. He is fully vetted, neutered, and gentle with kid​s.  


Sweetest girl, Athletic
High Energy


Rosie was dumped on the side of a rural road. She was terrified and didn't leave the area for days, but luckily, she had a guardian angel looking out for her. This angel found Rosie and sponsored her vetting costs which allowed DRDR to bring her in and get this gorgeous girl healthy! When Rosie came into DRDR’s care, she was malnourished, her coat was dull with hair falling out and had horrible skin. At that time, we had no idea how beautiful she would ultimately be. Her light brindle coat is very unique. Rosie loves attention and is crazy for her Kong. She will play fetch for hours if you let her! No doubt this girl had a rough life but we know her luck will change once the perfect forever family finds her. Rosie is approximately 3 years old, has been spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Rosie plays with her foster family’s male pit mix, but would need to be tested with other females; however the foster family has seen no aggression towards other dogs or cats. Rosie is a high-energy girl. For adoption information, please go to:




Meet America’s Sweetheart, Sansa. Sansa came from an overcrowded kill shelter with very little time left. We rescued her and quickly found out she is the sweetest prettiest little girl. Sansa loves everyone she meets and loves to play with other dogs (especially her two foster sisters- Zelda (a lab mix) and Midna (husky mix)). She also is living with two male cats who she doesn’t bother at all. Her foster mom says Sansa walks GREAT on a leash and listens very well. In addition, to the dogs and cats, Sansa lives with our toddler son who she adores and we really feel she will be a fantastic family dog. She has never been aggressive and if anything, she will try her hardest to show she is a good girl as she is very submissive. If it wasn’t for already having two dogs and two cats, we’d want to adopt her as she is a great little dog and shows a promising future to be a great family pet! I also want to mention waited 2 hrs in a room full of dogs and a few cats to get her vaccinations done and she sat there perfectly without ANY problems for 2hrs! Come meet her, you’ll see why we love her Sansa is currently 35lbs, is up to date in vaccinations, spayed and microchipped. She is less than a year old, crate trained and is almost house training - she has not had an accident in the house in over a week! Go Sansa!!! To adopt Sansa, please go to:


Little lover!


Introducing Todd!! He was saved from a hoarding case in rural Georgia with over 55 dogs on property: many pregnant or had small puppies as young as 5 weeks old. DRDR has brought in three litters of puppies and a pregnant momma dog. Others have gone to rescues far and wide, but there are dogs still needing to be rescued. Todd was living on an enclosed but not sealed wooden porch with his mom, Betty. Thankfully, he was out of the bitter cold but had no direct sunlight.  Todd had not been handled much so was a little shy at first.

He has been in a loving foster home and has so much love to give! He was born in mid-January and is approximately 20 weeks old, has had his puppy shots, and will be neutered and microchipped in July. We think Todd will max out around 30-40lbs. His mom, Betty, weighs approximately 30lbs and is a MinPin mix. Todd walks well on a leash, plays well with other dogs and children.  His favorite past time is getting belly rubs from his foster mom and dad! He is a sweetheart! 



Lucky to be alive


Pupdate: Tyson has completed his heartworm treatment and is ready to find his forever family!! Tyson looks and feels terrific and can’t wait to have his own yard so he can be free to run and play.  Tyson LOVES to be with his humans and one of his favorite pastimes is sharing the sofa with his foster mom and dad while they watch TV. Tyson likes other dogs (especially smaller dogs) but prefers to be the center of attention. Adoption applications can be submitted at Adopt me page – scroll to the bottom.
Tyson has had a very sad life, and unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon story in rural Georgia. This beautiful Golden Retriever mix was chained his entire four years of life with little to no contact with his human “family” who lived less than 10 feet away. No one seemed to notice or care that this beautiful boy was wasting away right in front of their eyes. When Tyson was brought into DRDR, he weighed 45lbs. His normal weight should be around 70lbs as he is a tall boy. His family fed him the cheapest dog food on the market and that was it – no veterinary care or monthly preventatives. He, of course, was flea infested, full of parasites, and as expected, heavily heartworm positive. When DRDR arrived, Tyson could barely stand. He was laying in dirt surrounded by the diarrhea he had for no telling how long. We were told once Tyson died, the family was going to catch one of the stray puppies which are Tyson’s son’s (Kenny, Duke, or Jake - also in the care of DRDR) and chain him to a tree “for protection”. Tyson is only FOUR – he should not have been dying! Tyson spent a week at the vet fighting for his life but is now in a loving foster home where he is learning to be part of a human and dog family. He is gaining weight, learning to walk on a leash, & working on crate and house training. Tyson’s smile is infectious and believe it or not he actually wags his tail instead of tucking it under his body. Dogs are so forgiving.



Little Man!

Meet Little Man aka Westley!!  Westley and Princess (who can name the movie?) came to DRDR earlier this year after being found running on a dirt road in the freezing rain. Westly is a little smaller than Princess but otherwise they look identical. Both have a beautiful black coat with a white speckled chest. Princess has been adopted but Westley was heartworm positive so stayed with his foster family for the duration of his treatment which he has successfully completed. We think Westley is a Chihuahua/Terrier mix, weighs approximately 10 pounds and is 1 ½ years old. He has been neutered, microchipped, and is up to date on vaccines. Westley can be anxious when you first meet him so he needs an understanding and nurturing family. Once he warms up, he’s yours! Westley LOVES being held & will warm your lap for hours. He enjoys playing with other dogs and would be best suited to a small fenced yard. We most recently found out he likes cats too. He can be wary of children as they move a little too fast for him. He is crate trained and mostly house trained. Westley prefers to be carried – he does not like to walk on a leash. His foster family is working on this but he can be stubborn. To submit an application for little Westley, go to


The Survivor

Meet Winston, the survivor! He is a Lab mix, 2 yrs old, with all shots, altered and about 50lbs. This handsome boy showed up in a neighborhood one day and never left. He found a front porch on which to sleep and stay out of the elements and was even given an old blanket to rest his head. No one ever claimed him so he roamed the neighborhood begging for food until a very kind and compassionate woman made it her mission to find him a safe place to go until a forever home could be found. When he first came to DRDR, he would not tolerate a collar. No way was he walking on a leash. He was friendly but a little weary of humans but never aggressive. Knowing this makes his professional photos all the more impressive! He walked on a leash, rode an elevator, and really enjoyed his photo shoot! 👍 👍 🐾Winston is heartworm positive but has already started his treatment and will be available sometime in mid-March. He is very energetic and loves to play with toys. He is not suitable with small children as he may accidentally knock them over or scratch when he is playing. He has not been tested with cats but does focus on them when they walk by If you think you’re Winston’s perfect match, please submit an application on the Adoption page at: Don’t forget to mention Winston!


The Playful!

Meet Miss Zara. Zara, like most of our pups, didn’t have the best start to life, but she is in a loving foster home where in what seems like no time at all has mastered crate training as well as the simple commands: sit and shake. She so wants to please her humans and is appreciative of one on one attention. When Zara came to us she was very timid and submissive, but instinctively knew how to be part of a dog pack from her time running the dirt road with another stray who has alluded capture thus far. She immediately bonded with another foster pup, four-month-old Emma, who we affectionately call Zara’s Mini-me! Zara patiently teaches Emma how to behave while having more fun than should be allowed. Zara is approximately 11 months old and weighs 50 lbs. She has the most beautiful eyes. Be prepared as she will steal your heart the first time you meet her!! Zara and Emma would make a great pair for someone who is looking for their own mini-pack! Zara has been spayed, is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and ready for her forever family to find her.
The animals below are looking for new homes but are not available for adoption through DRDR. They are only available through arrangements with their current owners or shelters. If you are interested in any of the animals listed below, please contact the owner directly. Contact information can be found in each animal's description.
DISCLAIMER: DRDR has not met or evaluated any of the animals under Courtesy Posts unless otherwise noted.  DRDR, its staff and volunteers are not responsible for these animals and makes no claim to their health, training, temperament, or other concerns.  DRDR does confirm vetting history prior to posting.  DRDR recommends that anyone interested in adopting one of these animals fully discuss the animal's health, history, and temperament with its current owner and obtain a temperament evaluation of the animal where appropriate.

Interested in Adopting from DRDR? 
Please read our Adoption Regulations
on our FAQ page FIRST !!!

DRDR proudly practices Responsible Rehoming

complete and submit electronically or download, and email to [email protected]
Adoption Application
Adoption Applicant(s) Full Names This is applicable to all couples, spouses, and partners who share a residence. PLEASE LIST BOTH NAMES
Adoption Applicant(s) Email
Name, age, and occupation of all residents living in home:
Home Address
Home and Cell Phone
Personal Reference #1 Please provide phone #. (only one reference can be a relative) How long/do you know this person
Personal Reference #2 Please provide phone #. (only one reference can be a relative) How long/do you know this person
Veterinarian Reference: Please provide phone #. Shots must be up to date within 30 days for cats and dogs and all dogs must be on monthly HW prevention
Names of all pets treated there over the past two years
Are all of your pets on your property altered (spay/neuter)? If No, please explain:
In the past 5 years have you had pets that are no longer living with you? If yes, please explain
List names, breed, health, age , behavior of all pets that live on your property and where they sleep
Have you ever had to give up a dog? If yes, please describe.
Please describe the dog you are wanting to adopt.
Why do you want to adopt a dog?
What do you plan to feed your adopted dog? We use Wholesome Sportmix Fish
Where will your adopted dog sleep at night?
Do you have a crate that will comfortably fit your adopted dog? If no, are you willing to purchase one?
Who will care for your pet during vacations and family emergencies?
Are you willing to attend obedience training with your dog?
If you do not have a current veterinarian, how do you plan to find one?
Describe your home: Own/Rent, Apartment/ Single Family/Duplex/Townhouse, Acreage, ect
If you rent we must confirm your permission to have a dog. Please provide your Landlords contact:
Should you be chosen to adopt from DRDR, we will conduct a home visit before and after adoption
Is anyone in your home allergic to dogs of any kind?
How much money would be considered a major medical expense for your adopted dog?
Is your entire household supportive of this adoption?
How long do you plan to keep your adopted dog?
What are your plans for this dog: family pet, companion, guarding, hunting, breeding
Have you applied with another rescue within the past 3 months? If yes, whom and have you been contacted by them?
How many hours will your adopted dog be alone on average and where will he/she stay during this time?
How did you find out about DRDR?
*I agree that the above listed information is TRUE and CORRECT and understand this information will be included with my adoption contract. If ANY INFORMATION is found to be UNTRUE AT ANY TIME (EVEN FOLLOWING ADOPTION) THE DOG WILL BE RECLAIMED AT NO EXPENSE TO DIRT ROAD DOGGIES RESCUE. Type full name as agreement.
*By submitting my application I hereby give my Veterinarian, Personal References, and Landlord permission to disclose to Dirt Road Doggies Rescue information that pertains to adopting from Dirt Road Doggies Rescue. Type your full name as agreement.
*I understand that incomplete applications will not be processed. Type your full name as agreement.


Murphy with his brother at Pooches in the Park.

Photos courtesy of Heart Spot Pet and Family Portraits
Muprhy with his siblings at Pooches in the Park.

Photos courtesy of Heart Spot Pet and Family Portraits
Nigel signing his thank you cards to all who donated to his meidcal bills.
Ralph having some fun on the farm, wishing for a family of his own one day.  
This first photo was taken of Jack about a month after he entered the protective arms of DRDR.  He was still very much underweight and slowly recovering from a severe flea infestation.  You can see the look of relief in his eyes, so grateful not to be hungry anymore.  The second photo was taken just two months later.  Jack so handsome and filled out.  He has come a long way in such a short amount of time.  
Poco and Goldie getting in some play time before Goldies HW treatment begins.  That's Jack in back!
Sadie Mae is enjoying being a house dog.  "All these blankets and beds sure are soft!"