Can I adopt from DRDR if I live in a rental property?
Yes.  We will require proof from your landlord that they will allow the dog/breed you wish to adopt in your home.  Please check with your landlord first.  Breed and size restrictions may apply.
Can I adopt from DRDR if I live in an apartment or don't have a fenced in yard?
Yes.  You will need to have a plan to provide your dog with daily exercise safely.  A tuckered out dog is a happy, well-mannered dog.  Some dogs may require a fenced in yard due to behaviors like darting, please be sure to check their description carefully.  

What are your requirements?

A self-sufficient adult or family that can demonstrate responsibility; has a documented history of responsible pet care if they have owned an animal previously, in addition can provide adequate assurances that they intend to provide proper care for an animal for the remainder of its life. The average life span of a medium sized dog (30-60 lbs) is 12-14 years, however a dog can live much longer based on breed and size.  
At this time we are not accepting applications from full time students.  

Why do you require a vet reference?
If you own a pet, or have in the past two years, we conduct vet references to ensure you are a responsible pet owner who provides the proper medical care a pet needs.  We look at minimum of two years of medical care to ensure your history is consistent and not just recent.  In addition we ensure all pets in your home are up to date on their shots and receive proper preventative care.  Required shots must be no later than 30 days out of date.  Rabies shots are required by state law for all dogs and cats annually.  Proof of annual parvo boosters are required on dogs younger than 4.  We also require proof of Heart Worm prevention for all dogs living in your home.  **ALL pets (excluding birds, barn animals) in your home must be spayed and/or neutered. We see what happens when there are too many animals and not enough good homes.  We believe that in order to protect man's best friend, we must control the pet population.
Why do you require a personal reference?
We require two personal references, and only one can be a relative.  It is important that you know people who are willing to vouch for your good character.  
Can I put a dog on hold?
No.  Please do not begin your adoption process until your family is ready to take on the responsibility of the dog you wish to adopt.

Are you able to offer trial periods prior to adopting?

As a Non Profit rescue organization that is regulated by the Department of Agriculture we have very strict regulations on who is permitted to "shelter" our rescues.  We also carry insurance that has approved our process.  You will not find a shelter or rescue that is regulated by GDAG and carries insurance that will allow a trail period.  Simply put, trial periods are not a safe practice for our dogs nor is it a wise decision for liability purposes.  Our adoption process is lengthy and we do our best to ensure when we finalize an adoption the family and the dog are set up for success.  A good rescue will be just as invested in matching a family to their foster dog as you should be in picking a pup for your family.  Take your time, be honest in what you are looking for, and only adopt when you are ready to make the commitment for the lifetime of the pet.      


I live out of state, can I still adopt?

All adoptions require a home visit.  This is to ensure our rescue pup is going to a safe environment and that the adopters are fully prepared to introduce a dog into their home.  It is our goal to support each adoptive family to make the adoption a positive and lasting experience.  We serve all areas within a 3 hour driving distance from Gainesville, GA.

Why is my entire family required to meet the dog I want to adopt and its foster parent?
Our foster families play a HUGE role in saving the lives of our dogs.  They care for them, love them, train them, and everything in between until their forever family is found.  Our foster family must meet each member of your family (including your pets) to ensure the match is a good one for their foster dog.  Our foster families get the final say if the adoption will take place, based on the interaction of the family and pets with their foster dog.  This is critical part of the adoption process.  
Why can't I just adopt a dog without the hassle of this adoption procedure?
Our adoption process is thorough.  That's because we have invested in and love our rescue dogs and we want to ensure the families that are wanting to adopt them are willing to validate they are responsible people who can and will provide and care for their adopted dog.  Adopting a dog is making a commitment to that dog to love and care for it for the remainder of its life.  To gain a family only to lose it all over again is an experience we want our rescues to avoid.  Adopting a dog is not a decision that should be made in haste or without proper preparation.  We encourage you to research many established rescue groups.  You will find our process is nearly identical to others.  Why?  Because it works.  Rescues have a much higher success rate with adoptions when this process is adhered to.  All rescues want their dogs to find their FOREVER FAMILY.  This process is our best shot at making FOREVER happen.    
Why does it cost $250 to adopt one of your dogs?
Let's face it, saving a life isn't cheap.  We invest in all of our dogs by ensuring all of their vetting needs have been met and they are altered.  If the dog is in need of specific medical treatment, we see to that also.  Monthly food costs, parasite prevention, and basic essentials have to be considered as well. We don't discriminate.  Young, old, sick, or silly we open our hearts and our checkbook to make what was once wrong, right again.  Our dogs are lovingly cared for until their forever family is found, however long it takes.    We think they are a pretty good investment.  All adoption contributions are $250.  This contribution goes towards costs incurred by the specific dog being adopted and other dogs in our program.  We do not adjust our rates based on the popularity of a dog.  We believe all of our dogs deserve owners that see their worth and are willing to contribute to the cause that saved them from an uncertain future.  
I submitted my application, now what?
Our Adoption Coordinator will be in touch with you.  If you have not received a confirmation email from us confirming receipt of your application within 24hrs, please inform our Adoption Coordinator, 

What if my adopted dog gets sick?
Only dogs with a clean bill of health will be considered for adoption. Our dogs are fully vetted, spayed/neutered, and parasite free.  If there is an underlying medical condition of which we are aware (such as blind, deaf, ect.) it will be disclosed prior to the adoption process and on the adoption contract itself.  At the time of adoption finalization each forever family is presented with all medical records for their adopted dog.  DRDR offers a 10 day Health Promise.  Within the first 10 calendar days following your dogs adoption, DRDR will treat your newly adopted dog by one of our approved vets  should there be a health concern that may have been present at the time of adoption.  DRDR cannot reimburse you for your personal veterinary medical expenses.   
I found a stray dog, what should I do?
First, contact your local Animal Control Officer and report the animal as a stray providing a full description of where the animal was found, when, and what it looks like.  There are stray hold times to give each dog the opportunity for their original owners to find them.  If you are interested in keeping the dog after the hold is up, please contact your local Humane Society or County Animal Shelter (your local Animal Control Officer is a great resource too) to find out where to get low cost spay or neuters and shots in your area.  
I can't care for my dog anymore, can you take it?
Dirt Road Doggies Rescue mission is to make the world a better place by saving abandoned animals of Northeast Georgia and we work very hard to find loving forever families for them.  Our goal is to keep our rescues out of animal shelters, thus saving their lives and providing more time to dogs in the shelters to be adopted.  Because we are a strictly volunteer and small organization, we are not accepting owner surrenders.   We do offer Courtesy Postings to a select number of dogs that have owners wishing to rehome them. Please scroll down to the end of the foster application to learn more about Courtesy Postings.   
I'm looking for an outdoor dog, a hunting dog, or guard dog.
Dogs are pack animals.  Domesticated pups consider their human family to be their pack.  They WANT to be with their pack.  Our rescue dogs are looking for families that are wanting companion animals.  We do on occasion have a dog that prefers to be outside when the weather is sunny and mild, but will expect to be indoors when it is rainy, cold, or at night.  In this case a fence is mandatory.   We do not under any circumstances adopt out a dog used for hunting or guarding.
What Items do I need to purchase before my adopted dog comes home with me?
A Crate. Dogs are den animals.   They like to have a safe place to curl up.  Their crate is their bedroom, not a place of punishment.  It is  The Number One Tool a successful pet owner uses to keep their pet safe when they are not home.  Many dogs experience separation anxiety when their "pack" leaves them home alone.  In order to keep your dog and your home safe you MUST be willing to purchase a crate.  We can suggest an appropriate sized crate for the dog you wish to  adopt.  Amazon offers crates at really reasonable prices.  Some active breeds, such as Boxers, require a heavy duty crate.  We will be able to inform you what crate will work best for the dog you want to adopt.
Dog Beds. There are so many great ones now. Serta even offers one with memory foam for less than $50 for a large dog at your local Sams Club.  If you provide a nice dog bed, your adopted dog is less likely to attempt to lay on your furniture. Check Marshalls and TJ Maxx as well.  If your dog will be spending lots of time outside playing, a Kuranda dog bed is a soft spot to grab a quick snooze.  We use and recommend these durable outdoor dog beds.  
Dog Bowls.  We suggest raised bowls that come in a stand.  The bigger the dog, the higher you need their bowls to sit.   Raised bowls help to reduce the chance of Bloat (twisted stomach) in large dogs.  
Quality Dog Food.  The number one ingredient needs to be meat.  There should not be any gluten, corn, or soy products listed.  These ingredients are not a natural food source for dogs, avoid purchasing dog food that contains these fillers.  Dog Food can be designer and very high end, or quite reasonable and still great quality.  Check your local feed stores, TSC, and pet stores to compare brands, prices, and ingredients.  The right dog food will prevent many dog health issues such a skin and allergy.  Dogs with sensitive tummy's will need to remain on a fish based food diet.   We use Sportsmix Wholesome Fish.  
Collar, Leash, Tags and Toys.  Rawhide chews are a choking hazard and although popular, should be avoided.  Animal Bones can splinter, aviod those as well.  Now you are ready for your dog!         
I would like to Foster a Dirt Road Doggie.  What's the process to join this FANTASTIC Rescue?
We LOVE our Foster Families, they are the backbone of our organization!  The process to become a foster family is identical to that of adopting one of our dogs.  All the same rules and regulations apply.  DRDR covers medical expenses for our dogs.  Our foster families cover food costs and spend time training and loving their DRDR foster until their forever family is found.  Foster Families get the final approval on all adoption  requests for their foster dog.  Being a Foster Family to a rescue dog is not a lifetime commitment.  It's a commitment to save a life.  Please click on the link to download our foster application or fill it out and submit online below.  Email all foster inquiries to  our Adoption/Foster Coordinator, [email protected]

You may download Foster Application, complete and email to 
[email protected]

submit application online below

[email protected]
Foster Applicant(s) Full Name
Foster Applicant(s) Email
Name, age, and occupation of all residents living in home:
Home Address
Home and Cell Phone
Personal Reference #1 (only one reference can be a relative) How long/how do you know this person
Personal Reference #2 (only one reference can be a relative) How long/how do you know this person
Veterinarian Reference: Shots must be up to date within 30 days for dogs and cats and all dogs on HW prevention
Names of all pets treated there over the past two years
Are all of your pets on your property altered (spay/neuter)? If No, please explain:
In the past 5 years have you had pets that are no longer living with you? If yes, please explain
List names, breed, health, age , behavior of all pets that live on your property and where they sleep
Have you ever had to give up a dog? If yes, please describe.
Why do you want to foster a dog?
Please describe the dog you are looking to foster. Include age, size, activity level. Please note that rescue dogs normally do not arrive house and crate trained, that is the fosters families job to acclimate their rescue to living with a family and learning house manners.
What do you plan to feed your foster dog? We use and reccomend Wholesome Sportmix Fish
Where will your foster dog sleep at night?
Do you have a crate that will comfortably fit your foster dog? If no, are you willing to purchase one All foster dogs must be house and crate trained by foster family.
How many hours will your foster dog be home alone each day on average and where will it stay during that time?
Are you willing to take your foster dog to our rescue partnered approved vetrinarians as we have special pricing? They are in Jackson and Hall counties.
On average it takes 6 months to responsibly rehome a rescue. How long are you willing to keep your foster dog?
Describe your home: Own/Rent, Apartment/ Single Family/Duplex/Townhouse, Acreage, describe fencing
If you rent we must confirm your permission to have a dog. Please provide your Landlords contact:
Should you be chosen to foster for Dirt Road Doggies Rescue, do you understand that we will conduct a home visit before fostering and every 6 months per GDAG regulations?
Is anyone in your home allergic to dogs of any kind?
Are you aware you will be required to train your foster dog as they need to be house trained; crate trained, socialized, and learn basic commands in order to find a forever family?
Is your entire household supportive of fostering a dog?
Are you willing to meet with Adoption Applicants who are interested in adopting your foster dog within two weeks of initial contact?
Are you able to conduct Home Visits for Adoption Applicants?
Are you willing to attend Adoption Events with your foster dog?
Should you choose to adopt your foster dog you will be required to cover all vetting expenses incurred up to the $200 Adoption Contribution amount. Please type Agreed.
Are you aware you will be responsible for providing a collar, leash, bed, toys, food, and veterinary transportation for your foster dog?
I agree that the above listed information is true and correct and understand this information will be included with my adoption contract. If any information is found to be untrue at any time (even following adoption) the dog may be reclaimed at no expense to Dirt Road Doggies Rescue. Please type your full name as agreement.
*By submitting my application I hereby give my Veterinarian, Personal References, and Landlord permission to disclose to Dirt Road Doggies Rescue information that pertains to adopting from Dirt Road Doggies Rescue. Please type your full name as agreement.
*I understand that incomplete applications will not be processed. Please type your full name as agreement.
Are you aware that all incoming dogs must have prior approval by Co-Founders before being accepted as a Dirt Road Doggie?
Are you aware expenses incurred by you for your foster dog are tax deductible (save receipts)?
What reasons can you think of that would require you to no longer be willing to foster your foster dog?
How did you find out about DRDR?
Courtesy Posts for responsible owners wishing to rehome their dogs  
Due to lack of donations, slow adoptions, and the enormous amount of dogs being abandoned, Dirt Road Doggies Rescue can not accept Owner Surrenders as much as we would like.  We do offer Courtesy Postings as a way to help owners who want to rehome their pet.  We only advertise a specific number of Courtesy Posts at a time, so there may be a waiting list.   

DRDR will not be able to courtesy post dogs unless the dog is completely vetted, altered (including puppies), in good health, and parasite free. You will be required to submit vetting history, proof of Heartworm Prevention and an annual Heartworm Test. 

Please email two to three good pictures – not blurry ones, very small ones, or pictures with poor lighting. We will need head shots and full body pictures.  The better the pictures is, the more likely it is that we will be able to help you find a new place for your dog.

Please include a bio for your dog. The more information you provide, again, the more we can help you. Please send an accurate, well written biography that includes the approximate age, weight, and details of the personality of your dog that needs rehoming. Include any training your dog has and the family that would best suit it.  All of our volunteers are just that – volunteers, who have families and full time jobs just like you do. As much as we want to help, our volunteers do not always have time to write bios for dogs they don’t know or correcting yours.  Please, be as accurate as possible; your dog should be represented honestly, and we will need at least a paragraph of information. (Please review our currently posted adoptable dogs to see samples of the bios.)

You may be required to allow DRDR to temperament test your dog prior to approval and that would require you and your dog to travel to a DRDR volunteer.  All approved dogs will be posted as a courtesy and all interests will be sent to the owner of the dog.  They will not be posted as DRDR dogs and they will not be adopted out as a DRDR dog.  In the event that they are returned, it will be up to you, not DRDR to take them back. If you do not take the dog back, it will be on your conscience not ours. 

Please submit a Courtesy Post Request along with Medical Records, photos, bio, and contact info to DRDR President Kristin.  
[email protected]
Fequently Asked Questions