Homeward Bound Hound
Bear is one lucky pup who found the Momma of his dreams in Brianna, an experienced Guide Dog trainer. Brianna is committed to helping Bear heal the hurts of his past so that his fears of the unknown do not limit the wonderful opportunities that await this love bug.  We are thrilled that Bear found Brianna and that Brianna recognized Bear as the amazing pup that he truly is.  We couldn't of planned this match better if we had tried!  Best wishes to Brianna and Bear!!! 
Bear is one lucky pup who found the Momma of his dreams in Brianna, an experienced Guide Dog trainer. Brianna is committed to helping Bear heal the hurts of his past so that his fears of the unknown do not limit the wonderful opportunities that await this love bug.  We are thrilled that Bear found Brianna and that Brianna recognized Bear as the amazing pup that he truly is.  We couldn't of planned this match better if we had tried!  Best wishes to Brianna and Bear!!! 
Sadie was found early one morning all alone on an isolated section of dirt road, no more than 15 weeks old.  Soon after entering our foster program, it was discovered Sadie was suffering from Parvo.  She was immediately rushed to our vet where she received immediate medical intervention.  Sadie made a full recovery and is now enjoying her days spent exploring the woods with her best buddy and hooved friends!  Sadie is a happy little girl and her forever family is forever grateful that Sadie's life was saved.
Champ was thrown out at a stop sign, on a dirt road, during a rainstorm, on the very day college football season began.  He was so scared. A kind hearted dog found him hiding behind a tree, soaking wet.  Champ was welcomed into the DRDR program with loving arms and was adopted shortly following his vetting.  He is in heaven with his new family and has four great kids to give him lots of love and attention.  Champs family is so excited to have this little guy become the newest member of their adventurous clan!  
This boy, a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard pup, found his forever home so quickly that he didn't even make it on our adoptions page! Leroy was discovered on a dirt road chasing after the car that dumped him. He is one lucky dog and now has a farm to run on, two new doggy sisters, and even gets to sleep on the human bed! 
Flower, named after our favorite Bambi character, was found sitting helplessly in the middle of a dirt road by a fellow Dirt Road Doggie who brought her to the safety of his foster family.  Flower's Forever Family turned out to be her Foster Family, who fell in love with this tenacious rat terrier mix as soon as they met. Congrats to Flower and her Family!
Being born to neglectful owners who move off and leave you, your siblings, and parents behind to beg for food on a dirt road isn't a great way to start out life. Despite a rough start Sophia has truly gone from ditches to riches, spending her days whiling away the time at a country club, where her new Daddy works.  Who's up for a round of Golf with this pretty Lady?  We ARE!  Congrats to Sophia and her sophisticated new life!
Sinbad was dumped on a dirt road  and spent two weeks desperately searching for the family who left him!  After realizing he was in need of some help he found his salvation in DRDR.  This great pup came knowing many useful tricks and has now found the forever family of his dreams that promises to never leave him alone and scared again.    Congratulations Sinbad, you deserve your Happy Tail Ending!  
Being born to neglectful owners who move off and leave you, your siblings, and parents behind to beg for food on a dirt road isn't a great way to start out life. Despite that rough start Chloe, now known as Miss Molly, has found her happy ending with her new parents and two furrever brothers and even a kitty cat to call her very own!  She loves playing all day and snuggling on the couch with the whole gang!  Congratulations Molly, you got yourself a wonderful family!
Little Chappy was found sitting on a dirt road about three days after someone completely broke his bottom jaw. Now healed and in tip top shape, he is thrilled to have found his forever family, the Hammonds.  Chappy looks forward to family vacations in the RV and playing with his new fur brother and sister.  Congrats Chappy, you are something special and we are so excited you found such a loving family to call your very own!
Fate has a way of working things out sometimes.  Lily didn't know that the day she was thrown away onto a highway and almost hit by an 18 wheeler that her life was about to change in a very wonderful way.  This little Jack Russel Terrier, who most likely was used as a back yard breeder for years, worked her way into the hearts of her foster family, and they have decided that she is the newest memeber of the Randall clan! Congrats to Lily, what a lucky lady!       
Charlie wasn't sure what was going on when he was abandoned late one Friday night, but he knew if he used his coon hound scents he could sniff out some help.  Despite being a Treeing Walker Coonhound, we believe Charlie was dumped because of his fear of gunshots.  He is enjoying his forever family, his new pack of fur siblings, and his comfy crate. Charlie is very patient, considerate, and kind. His adopted family loves him so much. Thanks DRDR!    
Somehow this 13 pound ball of love was found wandering around all by himself.  We can only assume someone purposely lost him and we just can't imagine why as Marco is nothing but a doll baby.  His new family, the Gunderson's, are thrilled to have found the little boy of their furry dreams.  He is having so much fun playing with his new sisters and loves being a house dog that will never be forgotten again!  
Can you believe that someone tossed this beautiful puppy along with his 6 siblings out of a car on the side of the road, over half a mile from where they tossed his Momma, Goldie?  Patty wants you to know that because of DRDR his family was saved and now he has a brand new family, the Jones'.  He is looking forward to learning the ins and outs of a good baseball game with Dad and guarding the entrance to all kid forts with the shorter members of his crew.  Congrats to Patty, now officially known as Bruno! 
Can you believe that someone tossed this beautiful puppy along with her 6 siblings out of a car on the side of the road, over half a mile from where they tossed his Momma, Goldie?  Ciara, now Molly wants you to know that because of DRDR her family was saved and now she has a brand new family, the Nelson's. She is looking forward to spending lots of time bonding with her new best friend Michael and spending lots of time snuggling with Mom.  Congrats Molly on your Happy Tail!
Blue was dumped on the side of rural road with nothing but a tattered collar and a piece of rope to call his own.  Blue endured  heartworm treatment and found his Momma shortly after coming off crate rest.  Blue knew he was meant for Robyn right away and sat at her feet and licked her leg.  He was so excited to be adopted he started doing the happy dance in the water trough pictured!  Congratulations to Robyn and Blue, a match made in heaven!
Ellie Mae was dumped on a dirt road and turned over to Animal Control.  Her time ran out at the shelter and DRDR was able to save her.  Ellie found the family of her dreams and looks forward to meeting all the new horses and cats at her new family's  house!  She loves her new kiddos and can't wait to get in some snuggle time.  Ellie's already showed her new family how she can pet herself just in case they need to give their arms a break!  Congratulations Ellie, you are one Homeward Bound Hound!
It was the day Liams been dreaming of since being dumped on the side of the road at 9 weeks old with his 6 siblings. His forever family finally found him! Congrats to Betsy and Jacob who look forward to teaching Liam everything he will need to know to be a well mannered adult dog.  As a canine professional, Betsy couldn't be more excited!  From Ditches to Riches, you finally made it home Liam!
Hooray, Hooray what a wonderful day for the Spencer family! Every member of this clan agreed, two is better than one. They just adopted Lucky, now Charlie and Fiona, now Clair. We are so thrilled about this furever family! Two paws up for two terrific pups that just got one awesome family!
Titan sure is living up to his larger than life name. This Mastiff boy is already 47 pounds at 4 months old! Luckily his new furever family was hoping to find a very big baby and once they met Titan they just knew he was the one! Titan is enjoying his new sand pit, built just for him and splashing in the pool with his new fur siblings. Congrats to Titan and the Shanian family!
Conner, now furever known as Oakley, hit the jackpot when his family found him.  Big soft bed- check, lots of people to love on- check, toys and his very own crate- check, walks every day- check, trips to the park-check, dog friendly eateries nearby- check!......It's all Oakley's now and he couldn't be more thrilled!  So are we Oakley!  From Ditches to Riches, you made it home!
Murphy, the last of Goldie's pups, has found his fur-ever home! This sweet boy now has two kids that adore him to take him on walks and has even made himself at home by getting into the family pool to cool off! We are so happy for Murphy!  From Ditches to Riches, you made it home sweet boy!
NEWS FLASH… Goldie has been adopted!!!

After being dumped on a dirt road with seven puppies and undergoing treatment for heartworms, our sweet Goldie has found her forever home!!! She now has her very own little girl as her new best friend and poodle, Sugar, as her sidekick…and lets not forget her two generous dog parents that waited for her to get well. Cheers to Lewis & Amy for loving this sweet girl! Another ditches to riches story. Happy tails sweet Goldie!
Sonny was abandoned by the highway and for a long time would follow trucks that looked similar to the bad people who threw him away. When he came to DRDR, he was very skinny, and as is the case with a lot of our dumped dogs, Sonny was diagnosed with stage 2 Heartworms. He recovered fully and is good as new!  Sonny now spends his days playing on a proper farm with his new mom, Karen, pigs, chickens, cats, and two collies as his new best friends. Hooray for Sonny...taking the long way home! Happy tails to our sweet, gentle boy!
Another homeward bound hound. Thanks to the Shoemakers, Nigel has been adopted!! Poor Nigel was dumped in the middle of an asphalt road after being shaved bald.  He was very scared and wouldn't leave the road despite the fact his little feet were burning and had no fur to protect his pink skin from sunburn. To add insult to injury, Nigel was diagnosed with heartworms. After the 90-day treatment, Nigel found his forever home. Happy tails sweet Nigel - now Taco, you will be missed.

DRDR is so happy to announce Scout has been adopted!! 💕 We'll miss this boy but know he is in good hands with Whitney. His new neighborhood is perect for an active boy like him with lots of trails along the Chattahoochee River where they can jog, walk, swim, and observe the wildlife. Scout's ditches to riches story is just beginning...happy tails sweet Scout!
Hip hip hooray, Whitey, now Sparky, has found his forever home! Whitey was discarded in a neighborhood duirng this hot, dry summer without access to water or food. This lucky pup now has a fabulous forever family and a new best friend, Sully. It was like long lost friends reuniting when Sully and Sparky met. Congratulations to Sparky and the Hutchinson's! DRDR couldn't be happier for Sparky!

DRDR is excited to announce Nanuk's adoption! He was dumped at an abandoned house off a dirt road, but a good Samaritan stopped to check on him after watching him sit patiently on the porch waiting for his owner to return. Lucky Nanuk & his awesome forever mom, Sarah, will be spending their days cuddling, making friends at his local dog park, and hiking in the Appalachian mountains! A big thanks to Sarah for choosing Nanuk and making another ditches to riches story possible.

Let's give it up for Andy and his forever family, the Murugulla's! This sweet boy hit the jackpot of love with four new best friends to snuggle with this Winter. DRDR is so happy Andy has his very own ditches to riches story as we love happy endings! Thank you for choosing to adopt a Dirt Road Doggie!

We are SO excited to announce Sadie Mae has found her forever home! This beautiful girl was dumped in a small town after having puppies. It took the locals two months to catch her. Sadie was so scared and damaged, we worried she would be unadoptable but after a lot of work and heaps of love from her foster families, Sadie began to trust again. Sadie met her new family at a PetCo/DRDR adoption event and was love at first sight! Thank you to the Galloway's for opening your heart and home to Sadie Mae...ditches to riches for sure!

Zoey is home for the holidays! We are so excited to announce Zoey has been adopted! Thank you Alison for loving this beautiful girl. Zoey, a Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix, was picked up on a busy road by a super nice police officer. Poor thing didn’t have a collar, was lost, scared, hungry, and very skinny. Ditches to Riches sweet Zoey!

Oh happy day...Max has been adopted! A very skinny and hungry Max was found roaming on a dirt road. At his first visit to the vet, DRDR found out he was heartworm positive. He completed his treatment and now has his very own forever family! Thank you Paul family for loving this handsome boy...ditches to riches handsome Max.

Congratulations to the York family on adopting Sebastian! Sebastian is an awesome boy and it warms our heart to see him so happy! Another ditches to riches story!

 We are thrilled to announce Coco's adoption!!! Thank you Rebecca for choosing to love this precious girl. Coco is one of two 9 week old sisters dumped on a rural road in NE Georgia. Here's to a life filled with lots of love, special moments, and happiness. Happy tails sweet Coco!

 Petey has found his forever home and has a new bestie, Buddy the boxer! Petey was found with a chain around his neck, flea infested, and heart worm positive. This gorgeous boy is now livin the life...another ditches to riches story made possible by Jay. Thanks for loving this sweet boy.

 Three cheers for Black Jack has found his forever home with Jennifer!!! His new name is Oscar and we are excited for this charming boy...as you can see he will not be lacking love and attention from here on out. Happy tails little man! From ditches to riches.
 It's a very happy day for Jack and his new dad, Jon! Gentleman Jack holds a special place in our hearts as his story is one of the reasons five ladies came together and started their own rescue. Momma, Papa, and four puppies were locked in a makeshift barn when their family moved house. No one knew they were there until Jack brought the pups to the dirt road for help. All were flea infested, had worms, and very skinny. We are overjoyed to announce each one has found their forever home!!! Happy tails handsome and brave Jack! ❤
 We are so excited to announce Liam has found his forever home! Lucky Liam now lives on a mini farm where he can play all day with his new bestie, Belle, a gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback. Thank you Tricia & David for loving Liam! Ditchestoriches sweet Liam. 🐕 🐾 🐕 ❤ 🏡 👪
 Hooray for Penny! This precious girl has found her forever home. Not only does she have a loving family, but also has her very own Georgia Bulldog, Gigi, as her best friend. We know these girls will have a good life together and thanks to the Carter's for choosing to add Penny to your awesome family! Happy tails to Penny! 😍 👍 💞 🐕 🐾 🐶 👪 🏡
 Adorable Alice has found her forever home! This little girl was found tied to a tree in a forest without food or water but her luck has changed as she has been adopted by her foster family! We love our foster families – they are the backbone of all rescues!!! Truly ditches to riches for sweet Alice. 😍 👍 🏡 👪 ❤ 🐕 🐕 👍
We are excited to announce (Princess) Gracie has been adopted! A sincere thank you to the Herman family for adding a second Chiweenie to your family! ditches to riches sweet Gracie! 😍 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 🐾 🏡 🐕 👍 ❤

Since his adoption, Baker, formerly known as Grizzly Bear has been loving his life with his new brother Tucker. His days now consist of tug a war matches, snuggle parties, and going on adventures with his new family! Whether it has been playing in the snow while visiting family up north or going out to eat with his mom and dad, he wins the hearts of everyone he meets. Baker is a true advocate for his breed and rescue with his resilience and laid back personality. Baker without a doubt will always have the life he deserves!